Chartering Practices during Covid 19 Pandemic

Screening: Who Should Plan on Participating

Because captain and crew are in the high risk group for severe infections, we ask that the following folks NOT participate on a Now & Zen charter:

  1. People who have had close contact with or cared for someone diagnosed with Covid-19 within the last 14 days
  2. People who have experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days (to include fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, difficulty breathing)

Every will be asked to attest to these conditions prior to boarding.

Social Distancing: During the Cruise

 For everyone's protection we will be using the following protocols during the cruise, until further notice:

  • Physical distancing will be practiced between guests and crew.
  • Guests will enjoy the sail on the bow trampoline unless their is inclement weather.
  • Please bring face coverings for all guests for use when in the cockpit. Face coverings are not required (by us) within your party or on the bow of the boat.
  • Guests will supply their own cooler.
  • Refreshments should be simple finger foods such as sandwiches and stored in your cooler.  Bring your own paper and plastic products.
  • There will be no use of the galley or salon except access to the starboard restroom. 

Cleaning: Doing Our Part

  • All areas used by guests are cleaned and disinfected after each cruise.
  • Hand sanitizer, soap, and paper towels will be available in the guest restroom for your use.