Our next stop is Andros which would be a great place to spend Christmas vacation. They have the third largest reef system in the world and we find gorgeous places to snorkel and fish.  We have pole spears, masks and fins and free dive to spear a fresh fish or a lobster for dinner. 

Andros is also known for having some of the best flats for fly fishing and we know personally and recommend fishing guide Prescott Smith, the son of the "god father" of Bahamian fly fishing and who has taught many of the guides in the Bahamas. He will make sure you catch a bonefish!! 

We move to different anchorages in Andros and there is an opportunity to put out trolling rods and hope for a mahi or tuna!  You will meet Sadie the basket lady and if you are interested in learning to make a silver thatched palm basket, she will get you started!

 While exploring the island, you will see and can swim in blue holes and go to a Mennonite farm where we will buy delicious fresh vegetables and fruit. While Andros is the largest island with the most resources, it remains remote.  We love being part of the community and really getting to know the locals.

There are four airports on Andros so easy to fly into!  San Andros (SAQ) in the North. Andros Town/Fresh Creek (ASD) in central Andros.  Clarence A. Bain Airport in Mangrove Cay (MAY) and Congo Town Airport (TZN) in South Andros. Makers Air has daily scheduled fights from Fort Lauderdale Executive (FXE) to SAQ, ASD, and TZN.

Dates for Andros

  • We expect to be in Morgans Bluff, North Andros by December 6th and be exploring the 60 mile long North Andros reef through Dec 21st. SAQ amd ASD being closest airports.
  • The Holiday Weeks 12/22 thru 1/5 will will most likely be in Lisbon Creek or further south most easily accessed from MAY or TZN

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