A cruise on the Jacksonville waters

Searching for the best gift to give your starry-eyed dreamer? That one person who cries during songs, loves sunsets, and quotes poetry? Residents of the Jacksonville area, you have an option.

A romantic cruise

Your hopeless romantic’s heart will explode at the idea of an intimate cruise on our beautiful catamaran, the Now & Zen. It’s an opportunity for you to pull out all the stops. Bring their favorite love songs, wine, cheese & crackers, and make it a night (or nights) to remember.

Now & Zen

We are Jacksonville’s sailing charter of choice. The Now & Zen is exquisite, a luxurious sailboat that perfectly sets the mood for these situations. When the conditions are right, there is nothing else like it. Make that special someone’s dreams come true!

Visit our website or call (904)-803-8843 to book a charter, today!

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