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Sunset and Day Sails from Fernandina on Amelia Island

Sunset cruise, sailing boat tour, sailboat charter, Amelia Island

Sunset cruise, sailing boat tour, sailboat charter, Amelia IslandFernandina on Amelia Island is an ideal location for taking a sunset or day sailing boat tour. Here the waters of the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and Cumberland Sound are protected no matter which way the wind blows. It is a short sail out the St Marys inlet so you have easy access to ocean sailing.

Also you can be on Cumberland Island at the Ice House dock in under 2 hours. How can you resist going ashore to see the ruins of Dungeness?

Sunset Cruises on Cumberland Sound

Sunset off Cumberland IslandNow & Zen usually spends July and August at the Fernandina Harbor Marina, right in the middle of town. It is another great departure point for a sunset sail. For a 4 hour charter, we recommend leaving the dock about 3 hours before sunset. We suggest that you head north sailing across Cumberland Sound. You can sail up close to the shore along Cumberland Island all the way up to the Greyfield Inn. You almost always see dolphins, manta rays, and wild horses on the island.

On the way back is the perfect time to stretch out on our comfortable bow trampolines as the sun disappears below the horizon and the sky fills with pinks, purples, and oranges of the sunset. If you have 5-6 hours, there is enough time to go ashore and see the ruins of the 59-room brick Queen Anne style mansion Dungeness, finished in 1886 and burned in 1959. You will be sure to see a dozen or more wild horses on your walk.

Day Sails from Fernandina/Amelia Island

river cruise, dinner cruise, sunset cruise, sailboat charter, sailing charters, bay cruise, sailing vacations, catamaran charter, sunset sail, sailboat charter Florida, charter vacations, yacht charters Florida. sailboat charters Florida, sailing charter St Augustine, Jacksonville sailing chartersIf you have a full day, in addition to an excursion ashore to seeing Dungeness, you’ll probably want to stop along one of the may beaches for a swim. You will also have time to sail out the St Mary’s inlet past Fort Clinch for some ocean sailing. Between the sights on Cumberland, swimming, and ocean sailing, its can be hard to decide where you want to spent the bulk of you day.

 A Sailing Vacation from Amelia Island

Jekyll Island, Sailing Vacation, Millionaires VillegeFerandina offers you a number choices for overnight, weekend and longer sailing vacation too. It is only a 3-4 hour trip south down the Intracoastal Waterway to  Fort George Island. Or you could head north and spend the night anchored off Cumberland Island or head to the town of St Marys to explore that historical seaside village.  It is a perfect for two or three day trip to Jekyll Island and the Millionaires Village. If you have more time you can explore Georgia’s St Simon Islands the historic Brunswick too.

An Experience You Will Remember for Years to Come

sailboat charter florida, sailboat rental, sailing cruise, Jacksonville, Amelia island, Fernandina, family, Sailing Jacksonville, Sailboat charter Jacksonville, sunset sail Jacksonville, sailing vacation, catamaran charterNorth or south, daytime or sunset, on a sailing charter or by private sailboat, everyone who sails on the around Cumberland Island tells me how beautiful and relaxing it is. There is some much to do and explore in the parks, in the towns and along the beaches that everyone is sure to have an experience of a life time.


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