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Sailing, Swimming, Snorkeling, SUBA, and Fishing on Now & Zen

Most folks love just relaxing onboard Now & Zen, spreading out on our spacious bow trampolines or enjoying a drink in the cockpit or salon. For those looking for more activity, there are a number of opportunities. Because you are chartering Now & Zen as a bareboat (often with a hired capt and crew), you can use the boat as it was your own. The crew will advise you on how to be sure you return the boat and its equipment as it was when you left.


Take the helmAnyone who can see over the cabin, is welcome to take a turn at the helm or help out with sailing Now & Zen, as little or as much as they would like. Although we are not certified sailing instructors, our crew has extensive sailing experience and are happy to share what they know. A sail on Now & Zen is an ideal way to get first hand knowledge about big catamaran sailing and cruising.


Swimming in the oceanCharterers can stop for a swim off Now & Zen, tide, current, weather, and common sense permitting. Sometimes it means just stopping the boat in the river or ocean and drifting with the current while you take a refreshing dip. Other times a deserted sand beach beckons you to drop anchor and enjoy the water.

Now & Zen has twin swim ladders mounted on our low cut “sugar scoop” sterns. This makes it easy to get in and out of the water. The starboard side is equipped with a hot and cold shower, so you can rinse off the salt water before spreading out on the bow to dry off in the sun.


When the water is clear, it is great fun to snorkel. In the winter when Now & Zen is in Miami you can sail out to the coral reefs. The reefs that comprise the John Pennekamp underwater park are only a day’s sail from Coconut Grove. We have the following equipment onboard for charterer use:snorkeling, Florida keys, Miami

  • 5 masks
  • 4 snorkels
  • 5 sets of swim fins (sizes listed below are mens)
    • 2 size 9 to 13 (adjustable heel strap)
    • 2 size 8 to 9.5 (fixed heel)
    • 1 size 4 to 8.5 (adjustable heel strap)

SCUB Diving

The low stern on Now & Zen makes it fairly easy to enter and leave the water with SCUB gear on. Generally, you should be able to find space for ~4 sets of gear and maybe 6 tanks. That said, if you wish to dive you do so with your own equipment, at your own risk, as you would on your own boat. Some of the crew are open water PADI certified, but Now & Zen is not a dive boat and offers no diving “services”.


There is no reason why you cannot fish off Now & Zen. The boat is equipped with two rod holders on the stern. However, the crew on the boat are not fishermen. Like SUBA diving, you are responsible for bringing your own gear, tackle, and ensuring that you have the applicable licenses. It is also your responsibility to know and observe the fish and game regulations and for the appropriate handling of any fish caught. The crew will be happy to safely take you to your selected fishing spot or help set up trolling lines while sailing.

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